About the Event

High Performance Sports Coaching Excellence (HPSCE)Summit 2017 will provide delegates with an interactive approach to performance coaching which will enhance and develop your ability to reflect on current elite level coaching practice, plan appropriate training programmes and critically analyse existing approaches to high performance coaching. Attendees will also develop comprehensive knowledge of the key issues that support the high-performance sports coaching environment.

It features contributions from global leaders in athletic performance training, coaching and rehabilitation. Our experts will share the cutting-edge knowledge and techniques they've used with Olympians as well as top athletes and teams from the elite sporting organisations, leagues and associations from around the globe.


  • Developing a High Performance Culture in Elite Sport and the Coach's Role within it
  • How to be a Great Coach: Innovative Approaches to Coaching & Understanding how Athletes Learn
  • Building Successful High Performance Sports Teams
  • Performance Analysis in Elite Sport Coaching
  • Achieving the Vision and Long Term Plan for Athlete Development from Grassroots to Elite Status
  • Learning & Development in the High Performance Coaching Environment
  • Sports Science and how it Affects Elite Athlete Coaching
  • ParaSport Elite Coaching Techniques
  • Assessing the Key Issues Affecting Athlete Recovery and Developing Regeneration Strategies
  • Building a Strong, Lasting Coach - Athlete Relationship
  • Developing Creative Solutions and Individual Specific Support to Enable the Athlete Achieve Full Potential

HPSCE Speakers

Dr Nick Winkelman

Prof A. Mark Williams

Dr David Passmore

Garry Cahill